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Clean Green Kake is an incorporated not for profit approved by the IRS to accept tax deductible cash and kind donations. Its purpose is to seed the initial phases of turning Kake into a totally green city and to provide affordable housing to Native Alaskans in Kake.

You can help by making a donation, no matter how small. Each $11,000 creates 3 new jobs in a village where unemplyment is running at 82%.

Kake is a native tribal village located in the SE Peninsula of Alaska. Like so many remote villages in Alaska it suffers from high unemployment (82%), a high cost of living with electricity costing 63c/KWh due to it being generated from diesel which has to be imported by water from Seattle 810 miles (1,300km) away, the high cost of winter heating and transport from using imported fossil fuels and the high cost of food generally which mostly also has to be imported from the lower 48 states.

Traditionally Native Alaskans have relied on fishing and forestry for jobs and income. When the pulp mills in Ketchikan and Sitka closed in 1997, it left thousands in the forestry industry  out of work, because forests in the region consist mainly of pulping wood.  The forests of SE Alaska including Kake were left stranded.

As oil climbed to above $100/bbl and electricity climbed to 63c/KWh, the viability of running their cold store and fish processing became unviable.

The project is destined to become a vertically integrated green city capable of demonstrating to the world that greening a city is possible and viable.

Our Clean Green Kake program demonstrates that villages, nations and areas around the world do not necessarily have to be disadvantaged by lack of fossil derived energy, because they can use municipal waste, biomass, organic wastes, the ocean, wind and solar to create affordable renewable energy.

Clean Green Kake is embarking on using forestry biowaste and the tons of annual fish waste to green Kake by turning them into renewable energy.

Kake will demonstrate that the energy produced will in many cases, be cheaper than or competitive with that derived from fossil fuels and that Kake will become self sustaining.  

Forestry waste is turned into charcoal, briquettes and wood pellets for heating and generating affordable electricity. Fish waste will be turned into biogas for cooking, and heating, producing a by-product of nitrogen rich organic fertilizer for green houses where waste heat from the gasifiers, gensets and charcoal retorts will be used to heat the green houses growing fresh organic produce, and for the district heating of schools and public buildings.

These products will not only be consumed locally in Alaska, but also exported to the lower 48 states producing a dramatic reversal of fortunes in Kake and other villages in terms of jobs, income, reduced cost of living, improved health of its people, and providing many new business opportunities.

This is not only an exercise about reducing climate change, it is about adapting practical solutions to problems created by remoteness, and absence of fossil fuel resources which can be overcome by using biomass, waste, the wind and the ocean as substantial sources of renewable energy.

The technologies being used are already operating at commercial levels in a number of countries around the world.

Come by and visit us sometime and see the technologies at work, and if you can afforad it please make a donation towards this project at the donations page.


Mike Bartlett
Clean Green Kake   

 Robert Mills
 Vice President
 Clean Green Kake