Membership of the Green Bear Club is free and open to anyone around the world interested in reducing GHG pollution and renewable energy.


The Green Bear Club uses its membership base to negotiate deals on all sorts of items in our daily lives from internet access rates, insurances, medical treatments, holidays, car rentals, road services, clothing, computer, jewelry and footwear items many of which are shipped direct from the manufacturer.

Badge Draw

Each week there is a Badge Draw for a jackpot money prize. The more members we have the bigger the jackpot, because sponsors are keen to get your attention for their displayed product.

Green Bear members are also obtain discounts on Green Bear products manufactured in Kake such as:

  • Our LED lighting products, saving you electricity;
  • The wood pellets we manufacture, which you can use for heating or sell to friends.
  • Our wood pellet stoves which can be installed in your home to create cheaper heating using  our wood pellets;
  • Our Adler wood shavings, chips and liquid smoke for flavoring your BBQs and  in cooking;
  • Our charcoal and briquettes.
  • Our fish and smoked products.
  • Our fresh and frozen organic fruit and vegetables grown in our green houses.
  • Green Bear vitamins and natural products
  • Our dome accommodation in Kake if you visit Kake or one of our neighbor villages.

Its a lot of fun and the savings you make will really add up over the year.

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