To build a green city in Kake, Alaska, using wood and fish waste we need your help by way of a donation. Every little bit helps and will create jobs where unemployment is running at 82%.  If you could chip in $5 or more, it will help us demonstrate to other cities and countries how renewable energy can be sensibly and viably employed to provide the energy we need in our daily lives.

Clean Green Kake is approved by the IRS for all donations and gifts to be tax deductible in USA.

To make a donation by direct deposit or Internet Transfer.

Simply put your name and email address in this donation box, and we will send you our bank details, so you can deposit directly into our bank account and we will be able locate your donation and send you your receipt for tax puposes by email.

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101 West Benson Boulevard, Suite 401, Anchorage, Alaska 99503

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